MyBagSpa Products

Would you like to be in control and take things into your own hands?

Now you can purchase our range of products at our outlets, that will help you maintain your beloved items. Not only will you keep your items looking good most of the time, it can actually save you more money in the long run!

It's about time to be proud of yourself for making an effort to maintain your own beloved items!

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Now you can lift your heads up high and walk the streets with confidence!

Be in the know-what and check out what Materials your favourite designer brands are using nowadays!

Some interesting notes on MyBagSpa products:

  • Silk proteins (the ones they advertise for your hair products nowadays) feature in our products – not petroleum-based moisturisers.
  • All fragrances are derived from actual plants, fruits and spices – none of that industrial imitation scent thingies here!
  • We’ve got our pH levels at an optimum 4.5 – the pH level of leather. Saving you the science, this ensures that your leathers are not subject to harsh and unwelcome chemicals that ultimately destroy them.
  • We’re the first (and so far, only) company to produce solutions that contain reinforcing resins to renew leather surfaces.
  • NO Animal Testing is carried out for MyBagSpa products and services. Our products are manufactured in small quantities, and their effectiveness is tested in-house on our personal products, via our professional restoration services.