MyBagSpa Value Added Marketing

Our customer come from all walks of life, at a typically aged 18 and above with highly disposable income. They value their time and thus choose us to provide them the information, advice, services and products they need to keep their designer label merchandise as good as new. They make purchasing decisions based on their own intuition, live a diverse lifestyle and have a discerning taste for the latest fashion and beauty products.

MyBagSpa provides you a strong interactive platform with our clients. Advertising with MyBagSpa assures your message will be brought across a niche and highly-targeted audience. This will ensure high response & high rate of returns, making sure that there is no wastage of your ad dollars - as compared to advertising on mass media.

Ads are less expensive than other print media, so most businesses can easily afford to advertise. All ads are exclusive which means no other company can advertise at the same time.

If you want to build strong relationships and increase brand awareness amongst high income earners, MyBagSpa is the place for you to achieve the results you want!