Why do we have to clean bags?
Many people asked us why do we need to keep our accessories clean, reason is because of hygine purposes, you cannot imagine how dirty(germs, bacteria, mold) it is even thou it doesn't look dirty with our naked eyes.

Will my used bag look new after cleaning?
We prefer the words Clean & Fresh instead of New, as these words are more realistic (compared to New) after a good clean. Reason is because common wear & tear marks are usually viewed as stains.

Why does it take weeks to clean my bag?
All the items are hand washed with solutions instead of dry cleaning. We repeat the cleaning process often as cleaning once will not be clean enough. As each item is serviced by one person at a time, naturally, there will be a queue for all items that we received.

Why does it take months to color restore my bag?
All items are subjected to cleaning services before a fresh color can be applied on the leather, getting JND (Just Noticeable Difference) color for each item requires time to mix, curing time is needed to ensure the fresh color bonds with the leather. As each item is serviced by one person at a time, naturally, there will be a queue for all items that we received.

Why not dry clean my branded bags? Isn't it easier, faster & cheaper?
MyBagSpa practice wet cleaning for all types of material instead of dry cleaning to prevent toxic build up on your skin when you use it. Moreover, dry cleaning can never achieve the level of cleanliness we strived to produce on every item we receive. Hand Cleaning methods is the only way to go for us.

Does cleaning harm my bags?
MyBagSpa works hard to ensure that our employees and customers feel confident that nothing in our cleaning process will harm them or the environment. We do not dry clean and our solutions far exceeds environmental standards in the cleaning industry, and we continue to look for ways in which we can provide superior cleaning in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Does cleaning shorten the life of an item?
No, in fact cleaning prolongs an item's life. Not only do stains set with age, making the item look unattractive, but ground-in dirt and soil act as abrasives, causing rapid wear of fibers. Insects are attracted to soiled items and cause further damage.

Does cleaning bags often result in it becoming unusable more quickly?
Frequent cleaning prolongs the life of your branded bags. Since some stains are invisible at first, or may simply go unnoticed, it's important that you consult MyBagSpa about your items to ensure that irreparable damage is not done over time. This damage includes the danger of stains setting in, insects eating the fabric, and ground-in dirt and soil acting as a sandpaper-like abrasive that will rapidly wear down fibers.

How does your specialist remove stains?
Most stains must be removed prior to the cleaning process which is why it is so important that you point out any stains before the cleaning. You should also advise us what caused the stain (juice, coffee, etc.). We use different solutions to gently remove the stain depending on the cause of the stain. The cause of the stain, type of fabric and whether you pretreated the stain greatly determines our ability to remove 100% of the stain.

How do i prevent water stain from occuring on my leather items when it is raining? Assuming I did not apply a layer of waterproof product!
Try looking for a plastic bag, or if possible always keep a plastic bag in your bag. Make use of the plastic bag by placing your beloved branded bag into the plastic bag to prevent rain from staining your leather items.

Is there a rule of thumb about when I should have my bags cleaned?
There is an old cleaners saying "Wear it twice, it will clean up nice." This is a nice slogan, but you need to put more thought into your decision. The branded bag you hold on to everyday, should follow the same logic you would to changing your bed sheets. For lesser frequencies, bring in for cleaning every season or twice a year. For branded bags that are used once in a blue moon, bring it over for cleaning once yearly. Cleaning is especially useful to remove/minimise food stains, dust, soils, makeup, cologne, and perspiration. Over 99.97% of bacteria will be removed with proper cleaning and drying. Bacteria often produces an offensive odor (Bateria's feces) if the bag is used for too long without cleaning. Always clean items before storage for any length of time. This will help prevent/minimise moth or mold damage.

I've heard that if I put hair spray on ink marks they are easier to get out, is this true?
Most hair sprays contain alcohol which often leaves its own stain. If you get ink on your item let us work it out for you.

Should I rub a spill?
We suggest that you simply blot the spill with a clean, dry, light colored cloth or paper towel. We will work the rest out for you.

The stain didn't come out! Why?
Unfortunately, some stains we just cannot remove. There are a number of variables that affect our ability to remove stains and sometimes it's just impossible. If this is the case, please know that we did everything possible to get the stain out and at the same time doing what is best for the item.

What are stains?
Stains are generally classified into 2 types. Protein and oil based. Specialized solutions are used to accelerate the 'freeing' of certain stains.